Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Uratex and the search for the missing red ribbon

This is a pitstop from my adventure --- actually, this is lunch ,breakfast and merienda combined. Today i decided to go source out some ribbons and materials for a project for one of the restos we handle. Thinking it would be a breezse, i actuallt texted the opffice that i would be able to get back before lunch.

Ha. Fat chance. I actually thought i was back home, where everything can be done in less than an hour. Commuting from here to there in manila is like getting from say, manila to zambales. The traffic is so damn slow you can actually sleep and wake up after thirty minutes and see yourself a few meters away from where you were.:-P

Ok, if that wasn't enough, almost all the places i go to for ribbons ran out or are out of the darn ribbon i was looking for. How hard is it to find a 2 1/5" red ribbon?!?! Seriously!?! Well, i've gone to Kamuning, even as fas as Sta. Lucia and MArikina, but no ribbon. *sigh* My ever so nice sweetie was being dragged along for the ride, and since we were in the Marikina area, he decided to stop by Uratex to check out some foam. Yup, foam.

We've been trying to change the foam of the bed eversince he came back because he'd been complaining about how crappy his bed was. Anyhoo, this being an opportunity to check out new foam, we decided to go to the factory outlet of Uratex, where we were confronted with more than what we bargained for. All kinds of foam, from duratex tro permahard to those fancy schmancy foams, and all sorts of plastics too! Wow, this place is one of those places my mom would just love being in the entire day... all that foam and sponges were a little too much to take :-P

That done, i was back to my looking for the ribbon mode which still proving to be futile. Next stop? cubao. Hope i would get mugged while i'm there...


starshuffler said...

No red ribbons in Marikina? Hmmm... Where did you look? I think I know where to find them red ribbons... :-)

wanderlust junkie said...

yeah, i'm looking for the 2inch and 21'5 inches wide ribbons na tela, red na red! hanap ako sa may bandang area ng sta lucia and robinsons, wala talaga eh.... help!!!

starshuffler said...

Ah, sa palengke ng Marikina meron niyan! Lalo na sa mga shoes and bags and crafts supplies. :-)

Text/call me for directions.

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